About Us

Our Story

A good night’s sleep is an underrated joy. There’s something about crisp cotton bedsheets and comfy duvet covers that brings a smile to the grumpiest of faces. And after an exhausting day, nothing feels more welcoming than a warm bed. Huesland gives you the perfect excuse to stay in bed a little longer.

At Huesland, we bring to you a wide range of bedsheets, comforters, pillowcases and duvets covers in vibrant colours and patterns. And if our designs look familiar that’s because we’ve been around for a while!

Our story begins in 2014 when we started out as a small online-only brand based out of Ahmedabad. Back in the day, we were known as Ahmedabad Cotton, specializing in 100% cotton bedsheets and pillow covers. Over time, we became a household name, building a loyal, happy customer-base.

Huesland carries forward the legacy of Ahmedabad Cotton. We bring all the “hues of the land” right to your bedroom! We invite you in this journey in making naps more comfortable. 


Best Value Always

huesland cotton bedsheets

Huesland sheets are comfortable both for the bedroom and your pocket! As manufacturers, we are able to pass on great cost savings to our customers because our bedsheets are not priced with traditional retail distribution type of mark ups. They are priced for the internet age of direct to consumer business models.

You can buy the quality cotton bestsheets directly from a manufacturer & avail best value always.


No compromise on quality

All are bedsheets are made exclusively using cotton fabrics. We say no to microfiber (which is polyester) bedsheets or poly cotton bedsheets. It is no hidden fact that cotton is the best fabric to beat the heat in India, and it is a much better alternative to unnatural and heat-generating polyester fabrics. This is why our bedsheets feel amazing against the skin and there’s absolutely no risk of rashes or skin irritation.


Something for everyone

At Huesland, you can get premium quality cotton bedsheets without burning a hole in your pocket. Our collection features both minimalistic & maximalist designs, vibrant patterns and colours that go wonderfully with your interior décor.

Huesland has a customer base that spans across the country, covering different age groups and geographies, from homes to hotels, from working professionals to retirees, from rural to urban households - we have something for everybody!